Connect Youth Club

Our Parish Youth Club

Connect is a Youth Club that meets at St John’s in Forest Glade every Friday during term time from 7-9pm. It is free and is open to all those aged 11-18. We have a tuck shop and a chill area. Members are also able to play games like table tennis, and we occasional enjoy other activities like Bingo.

Primarily, Connect is for young people of this area to spend quality time together in a safe place for a couple of hours on a Friday evening. Thus, we expect good behaviour at all times from those who attend the youth club and ask the Members to read and sign a Code of Conduct form.

As the children in Academic Year 6 start to reach the age of 11 they can start coming to Connect (- unfortunately, we can’t allow anyone to come until they have actually celebrated their 11th birthday). But after the Easter holiday each year, even if the children in Academic Year 6 haven’t yet reached the age of 11, they are all welcome to start coming along.

To find out more about Connect please contact Clare Covell -

Activity Night

Amazing Decorative Tea lights – Well Done!

One of the volunteers being mummified by the kids whilst others participated in the hunt for the gruesome, severed fingers!!

Winners of the ‘Escape Room’ challenge were:-
Kyran, Jack & Reggie they each received a free entry to the cineworld


If you would like to volunteer (must be 18+) to help out at Connect or if you would just like to know more about Connect or any other of our plans for our young people, please speak to Clare Covell and press the button below.

Our mission

To provide for our young people here in Langdon Hills a:

  • Praying
  • Caring
  • Reaching out
  • Welcoming
  • Growing environment

Lord Jesus, help us to know you.
Help us to grow in you.
Help us to show you.



Pray for our Youth

Everybody can help us by remembering every Friday the following prayer:

Holy God, we pray and ask you to guide and protect all young people.  Be with them as they experience both sickness and health,
sorrow and joy, loneliness and friendship,success and failure.
  Give to them the courage and strength to make the right decisions
as they journey through life.

We pray especially for the young people who will come together at our Youth Club this evening and for those who will join us for worship on Sunday.  May they always be made welcome, feel valued, and come to know and experience your loving care.  We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord.