Pastoral Care

The primary role of the Pastoral Care Team is to be ‘the eyes and ears within the parish and local community so we can respond to the people’s needs as they arise’. Also, with the intention of not letting anyone ‘slip through the net’, we are constantly looking at different ways of ensuring that if someone doesn’t turn up for a gathering (worship or social) or meeting, etc., we will be able to follow them up.

Children and Families

We run a number of activities throughout the week aimed at young children and parents/carers such as St John's Childcare, 0-3s Club, Family Thanksgiving service (first Sunday) and St John's kids (Sunday).


We believe God wants everyone in our church to grow closer to Him. That means learning to pray alone; together and for others. It means living our whole lives in a spirit of worship and prayer.   Each week day people meet for morning prayer, from 8:40-9:10, at St John's. We also run a prayer Network where we pray for others via Email and after the Sunday service prayer ministry at St John's Church.

Small Groups

These meet in people’s homes or in St John’s prayer room on various evenings during the week with the purpose of helping people to grow in their Christian Faith by worshipping, learning and working together.  We have a number of small groups in different locations and times


Whatever the problem, talking with someone trained to listen sensitively and sympathetically, can help to understand it.   Listeners will not judge you in anyway or give you advice, but will be alongside you as you explore your situation and will work confidentially with you.  Come and meet our Listeners at out "Tea and Chat" event

Community & Outreach

We believe God wants us to serve our local community.  That means engaging with local people and issues beyond our church and providing facilities and services which respond to the needs of those in our parish. It means working together with other Christians in outreach and service beyond our parish and responding to the needs of Basildon.  We are committed to seeing positive, Jesus shaped change, come in our community.

Praise and Worship

God created us to be instruments with the ability to sing and make music. Music is an important part of our worship and praise to God, with many Bible verses making references to singing and music.  Within our Parish we provide a variety of opportunities to praise and worship God.

Life Events

We hold special services to remember important life events, including the birth, marriage and death of members of our church and local community.  We provide a number of life event services including Thanksgiving for a new baby, baptism (Christening), confirmation, marriage preparation, bereavement and funeral services