Good Friday Meditations

Good Friday Meditations

3 Meditations for Good Friday

In a normal year we open St Mary’s church for 3 hours between noon and 3pm, the hours when Jesus was on the cross. We offer a series of meditations followed by silence. We cannot open the church this year but below are links to 3 meditations for you to use in your own time, as you think upon Jesus death on the cross. Each meditation includes a bible reading followed by a reflection from Colin. (The length is indicated in brackets).

Jesus arrested: John 18: 1-27 (10 minutes)!Au3–5UP8oAdgp1lMZu6k_qscgbTSQ?e=HAi0wE

Jesus before Pilate: Mark 15:1-15 (5 minutes)!Au3–5UP8oAdgp1kqsCtCyFkKgjz-g?e=inO2gp

Jesus is dead: John 19:31-42 (6 minutes)!Au3–5UP8oAdgp1j9aONvrQsyxrz9g?e=hyQQP9

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