Weekly Parish News

Weekly Parish News


In time it is hoped that we will together develop the content and style of this Parish News. But for now, with the constraints on time and resources we have, I hope you will tolerate my simple attempts to pass on some news in this way.

The plan is we will send a PARISH NEWS (posted on the website, emailed out and printed and posted specifically for those identified by the Pastoral Team as not having access to email) on a Monday each week, as often as is humanly possible. I will also be doing my best to ‘present’ the notices at each of the services on Sunday mornings in the churches (so they can be heard online as part of our regular streamed services and in person as well when we are able to once again come together to worship).

If you would like something specifically mentioned in the Parish News, then please do email me at nik@langdonhills.net. However, we do hold editorial control so no rude jokes (no names mentioned) or adverts for winning raffle tickets for sale please.


St Mary’s 9am – Communion Service – Public Worship (restricted numbers) (this will also be a livestreamed service)
St John’s 11am – Communion Service – Public Worship (restricted numbers)

To Book a place please email stjohnsca@gmail.com or call Nikki (the Parish Administrator) on 07720 089260. Please note that we will need to allocate seats and on a first come first served basis (but priority will be given for the next weeks service to anyone who we were unable to accommodate).

THE READING FOR THE 9am and 11am (details below) SERVICE 16th MAY
John 17: 6-19

Both services will be led by Revd Barry Johnson


You may have realised by now that I like to start each Parish News by offering a big thank you to a specific group of people. We are so very lucky in this church that we have so many teams/groups and individuals that I can thank.

This week I would like to give my, and I hope our, huge thanks to the St Johns Kids team (young and older alike) and a particular mention needs to go to Eddy Lee who has worked so hard and with such energy to lead that team.

Of course, thanks to COVID it has so far, been impossible for the team to hold their usual in person group activities in the Parish. But they very swiftly took to the virtual world to continue their work educating, supporting and nurturing the youngest members of our church family. If I am honest, I have probably enjoyed their videos at least as much as the children and probably learnt more than the kids themselves. I even understand that the videos have made minor celebrities out of some of the participants, even leading to some being asked for autographs.

Please do hold in your thoughts and prayers this week, all those that are called to lead, work with and support our young people.


This coming Sunday we can finally open (albeit not yet throw open the doors) St Marys for public worship. The preparations have certainly picked up a pace this week and I am so looking forward to seeing you in church soon.

To Book a place please email stjohnsca@gmail.com or call Nikki (the Parish Administrator) on 07720 089260. Please note that we will need to allocate seats and on a first come first served basis (but priority will be given for the next weeks service to anyone who we were unable to accommodate).


I am thrilled to announce that the Parish Walk will be starting up again. This feels like yet another little step towards the lifting of restrictions that we have all been facing and it is such good news that we are now able to safely begin walking again. A huge thanks goes to Sue and Anne for all their work preparing and leading this project.

The first walk will be at 9.30am from outside St Johns on Saturday the 22 May and will god willing continue to be held on the 4th Saturday of each month. There are of course some restrictions we still must do to be COVID secure for example you will be asked to space out 1m apart and you will not be able to go inside the church before or after the walk. More details will be given by the leaders (Sue and Anne) on the day.



This Sunday sees the beginning of Christian Aid week, something I know this parish has generously supported in the past. Of course, this year it is difficult to take donations physically but there is a way that we can all donate online and the details on how to will be on the Parish News etc. A big thank you to James McBean the Parish Christian Aid rep for making this possible.

If you would like to make a donation, please follow this link.



This week also sees the beginning of the Global Prayer movement ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. This is now an annual Church of England initiative which runs from Ascension Day until Pentecost. For more details on what the Diocese has planned and how we can all take part please follow this link



This week is also Dying Matters week. Now I know how extremely difficult and uncomfortable it is to talk about death and dying. But I also know from personal experience how to not do so often increases pain, complexity, uncertainty and fear at a time when we really are already often at our very most vulnerable and tender.

This years, Dying Matters Campaign centres around this general message.
There is no right or wrong place to die; it will be different for everyone. But it is important for families to think about it, to talk about it and to plan for it. We want people of all ages to be in a good place when they die – physically, emotionally and with the right care in place. Make sure that you and your loved ones are in a good place to die.

Please do take a moment to visit www.dyingmatters.org where there is much more information to help and support us all.

If you feel you would benefit from any church family support for grief or loss please do contact the Pastoral Team (details of which are on the website) they are there to help signpost you to services or simply to listen.

We continue to plan and move forward as a church and it is truly such a blessing how people are stepping up to help take our church forward into the future. God is at work in this church and his blessings can be seen everywhere. But it really has been quite a ride this past year or so and I for one, am looking forward to a little more certainty and stiller waters. But we continue forward on this journey together and I give thanks to have you all as my fellow travellers.

So, I pray that as we walk this (sometimes rocky and steep) path together, we find time to stop and take a breather next to a pool of stillness, able to listen to the peace, enjoying the company of our fellow travellers and feel the warmth of Gods love on us all. Then and only then, lift our packs and head off again, together into the unknown hills.
God Bless

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