Refresh – Parish Weekend Away

Refresh – Parish Weekend Away

-101Days -7Hours -35Mins -24Secs

WE ARE  (nearly) GO!!!

So what happens now?


Its time to confirm your booking by completing a booking form (available at the back of church) and paying a £20 deposit (by 18 Feb please)


You will then receive an invoice for the remaining costs and options for additional donations. We will all need to be paid up by the end of March but are happy to take payments by instalments and can accept card payments, cheques or cash so just catch Emma or Julian or pop in and see the finance team.


This weekend away will be based on the theme of refreshment and we would really like to provide the opportunity for everyone to explore how best they can be refreshed and blessed by God.  Part of this is through exploring and exercising our gifts. With that in mind we would like to invite people to join the teams overseeing different areas of ministry for the weekend:

  • Do you have a skill or talent you would like to share or explore?
  • Do you have ideas but aren’t sure how to put them into practice?
  • Are you ready to get involved but aren’t sure how (even if you aren’t coming there’s lots you can do)?
  • Is there an area of ministry you have always wanted to be part of/ are already part of that you would like to exercise?

If so please chat to Emma.

Areas you may like to consider are :

  • planning and ideas
  • music
  • prayer (praying with people on the weekend or paying for the weekend and those attending in advance and whilst we are away)
  • services (being part of putting them together/ leading them)
  • free time activities on and off site
  • workshops (particularly looking at types of prayer/ meeting with God e.g. through creativity/ walking/ etc)
  • fundraising (in advance of the weekend!)

what else can you come up with? …….

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