Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

We have established a Pastoral Care Team to share in the responsibility of carrying out this important ministry.

The other members of this team are Kelly Betts and Barbara Barr. Kelly Betts, who is to be commissioned as a Pastoral Assistant on 19th of this month, now chairs our meetings.

The primary role of the Pastoral Care Team is to be ‘the eyes and ears within the parish and local community so we can respond to the people’s needs as they arise’. Also, with the intention of not letting anyone ‘slip through the net’, we are constantly looking at different ways of ensuring that if someone doesn’t turn up for a gathering (- worship or social) or meeting, etc., we will be able to follow them up.

Though the Pastoral Care Team will spearhead this pastoral approach to reaching out to those in need, and following up those who suddenly disappear, this is actually a ministry we are all called to be involved in. Therefore, if you know of anyone in need or you have noticed has been missing for a little while, please, please do let myself or any member of the Pastoral care Team know ASAP.

Meanwhile, we have started to organise occasional informal lunches for a small number of the people we are now watching over to ensure that they have a good support structure (i.e. those who are housebound).

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