Parish News – Current Vacancies

Parish News – Current Vacancies

Church vacancies


These are very difficult times for all of us and, as a church, we are doing what we can to respond to people’s needs. But in order to continue our mission and ministry we do need the resources to do it and this includes having people in certain key positions.


The Bible describes the church as the body of Christ and makes it clear that every Christian is a part of that body and has a role to play (1 Corinthians 12). That is not primarily about jobs that need to be done in church. It is about spiritual gifts like wisdom, helping, encouraging and serving and there are many different ways of playing our part in the church family. Nevertheless, there are certain tasks that need to be done to enable the church to operate effectively, and God will call some people to exercise their spiritual gifts in those roles.


Following elections at our Annual Parochial Church Meeting in September some key positions in our church leadership were left unfilled. I am pleased to say that all the positions for Deanery Synod and ordinary Church Council (PCC) members have now been filled, but there are still vacancies for church and deputy wardens (described below) who are essential to the smooth running of our church and Sunday services. Ironically, the covid regulations have masked the problem because it has been possible to run the very limited activities that are currently allowed. However, when we return to “normal” it will be very difficult to run even basic services without people in these key positions.


I want to ask all church members to pray that God will provide the people and resources that we need to fulfil God’s calling to us in all areas of mission and ministry, and to pray especially for God to call the people He wants to these particular positions:



We elect two churchwardens. They are both wardens for the whole parish but one takes special responsibility for St Mary’s and the other for St John’s. We currently have only one churchwarden, Nik Wright. In normal circumstances Nik would focus on St John’s, but he is currently covering both churches. Please pray for a churchwarden for St. Mary’s.

The churchwarden has an important leadership role within the church and also has certain legal responsibilities for the church building.  He/she works in close co-operation with the clergy and other leaders on matters of policy and detail.  He/she takes responsibility for certain practical aspects of the running of services, including overseeing the preparation of the building for worship.



The deputy churchwarden has a supportive role in assisting the church warden to carry out his/her duties as outlined above.  We elect 4 deputy churchwardens, 2 for St Mary’s and 2 for St John’s. We currently have one deputy warden, James Macbean, at St Mary’s and the other posts are vacant. Please pray for deputy wardens at both churches.


All wardens are members of the PCC and therefore trustees with responsibility for overseeing the business and finances of the church. The PCC meets bi-monthly with sub-committees meeting in the intervening months. Wardens are members of the sub-committee for either St Mary’s or St John’s and may join the Childcare and/or Finance committee if they wish.


If you are interested in knowing more about any of these positions please contact Colin (email: Tel: 01268 542156).

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