St John’s Nature Walkers

Come On Treat Yourself!

On the 3rd Saturday of every month, starting at St Johns Church, a bunch of folks go out together at 9.00am for an hour or so to explore the beautiful Nature Reserve that surrounds Great Berry - weather permitting. 

Why do they do it?  Maybe to:

  • exercise and spend time with others
  • appreciate the Nature Reserve and the wildlife within it
  • walk their dogs with other dog loving people
  • have a good chat along the way!
  • explore new parts of the Nature Reserve

Whatever the reason, we go out in a group with someone leading the way and someone looking after any stragglers.  We take a gentle amble and encourage all ages to join in.  

After our walk everyone is welcome to join us for a relaxing cup of tea or coffee (and maybe a few biscuits!) in the coffee bar area of St John's Church, Forest Glade.  There are even some bowls of water for the dogs!!

No need to book just turn up before 9.00am on the 3rd Saturday, introduce yourself and join our growing group.  If you do have any questions please drop an email to Jill.

The Nature Reserve in June

© Photographs by Heidi Wills