Interregnum Arrangements

Interregnum Arrangements

Interregnum arrangements.

“Interregnum” is the name for the period between the departure of one Rector and the arrival of the next. This is likely to be a period of around one year. Some arrangements have already been put in place to cover this period.

Sunday Services

These arrangements are, of course, contingent on what happens with regard to the lifting of the current restrictions. Our provisional plans for services for April to June allow for the current lockdown to continue or for us to return to the situation immediately before lockdown (i.e. broadcast services form St. Mary’s and limited services at St. John’s). There will need to be some revision of our plans if the situation differs from this.

We are delighted to report that Rev. Barry Johnson, a retired minister in Basildon, has volunteered to undertake many of the “priestly” duties during the interregnum. This means that he will preside at many of our communion services and will take many of our weddings, baptisms and funerals. Our Area Dean, Rev. Jane Richards and her team (who are based at Holy Cross and St. Andrew’s in Basildon) will also provide cover, along with various other ministers from time to time.

Our own preaching team of Readers Ron Gough and Kennedy Rath, authorised preacher Eddy Lee and churchwarden Nik Wright (who is exploring a call to ordination) will also preach more regularly than in the past.

Rosters have been planned for April to June with the intention that we will broadcast live communion services from St. Mary’s at 9am every Sunday except for one Sunday in each month (to give our dedicated technical team of Roger McArdell and Ian McNally a well-deserved break!). On that Sunday the broadcast service will come from St. Andrew’s in Basildon where we will join in worship with the congregation there. We are very grateful to Rev. Jane Richards for offering this. Initially these services will be on the last Sunday of each month.

Provisional plans are also in place for 11am worship to recommence at St. John’s when it is judged to be safe and practicable so to do. Duties have been assigned but no opening date has yet been decided upon. It is anticipated that when worship recommences at St. John’s it will initially be on the same basis as just before lockdown i.e. said communion with no singing and people will have to book in advance in order to attend. Watch this space for further information!

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