Communion Course for Children

Communion Course for Children

Receiving Holy Communion is a wonderful moment in a child’s life and represents a sign of growth in the knowledge and love of God for each and every child.

As the celebration of Holy Communion is primarily a parish community celebration there is an expectation that members of the family (including the child) regularly come to join us for worship at St Mary’s or St John’s.

On this understanding, the parish will give every help to parents and children as they prepare for this sacrament. In doing so, the children will be required to attend a preparation course which will hopefully start after the summer break. All the resources your child needs will be provided though we will request a photo of your child for a display at St John’s.

If, on 1stSeptember this year, your child is aged 7 or over, and you feel they are ready to start preparing to receive Holy Communion, and the child involved is also happy to do so, then please speak to Julian before the end of July.

Receiving Holy Communion for the first time is a very special time for the children as they begin to take a more active part in the life of the worshipping community. In response, we will assure you, your child, and all your family of our prayers.

The children will receive their first communion on Sunday 25thNovember during the 11am service at St John’s.

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