Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week

It is Christian Aid Week ( 12th– 18th May ).

This year is in support of people whose lives have been disrupted by storms – especially on Haiti. An earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, and now, seven years on, an estimated 38, 000 people are still living away from their destroyed homes. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, which makes it harder for Haitians to cope with the the relentless natural disasters that affect their country .

The slogan of this week is “ Together we’’re stronger than storms .”

Your giving could change lives

£210 is enough to train a local builder to build safe homes in Haiti

£50 could buy basic building tools for a local builder

Just £5 could buy seeds enabling someone to grow beans to feed an entire family.

We will be doing some house to house collections, and if anyone wishes to do one who has not done one previously, please speak to me.

As you may be aware, I am doing the Circle the City 10k sponsored walk at the end of the week on Sunday 19thMay, and you can sponsor me by going to my fundraising web page, or on the paper form, ( which I will leave on the desk in St Mary’s ) .

Many thanks to those who have already sponsored me.

James MacBean

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