APCM – Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2024

APCM – Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2024


The Parish Annual Meetings (AMP and APCM), will take place on Sunday 28th April at 12.30pm at St John's Church, immediately following the 11am service.

These are important meetings where churchwardens and other PCC (church council) members are elected.

We will be aiming to elect:

Four churchwardens (two per church) for 1 year terms 

So far we have received 3 nominations (2 for St Mary’s and 1 for St John’s)

Four PCC members

The PCC is our Church Council, which works with our Rector and churchwardens in making decisions about various aspects of church life.

The commitment involved is usually 6 meetings per year (every other month on a Monday evening), as well as any responsibilities you offer to take on.

We have the following PCC vacancies.

  • For the period 2024-2027, three vacancies
  • For the period 2024-2025, one vacancy

 So far we have received 0 nominations for PCC

 One Deanery Synod Representative for a 2 year term

Deanery Synod is a regular meeting of representatives of C of E churches in the Basildon area (the deanery). Issues concerning the Church of England both in Basildon and more widely are discussed and decisions are made. In addition to the PCC meetings (see above) you would also be expected (when possible) to attend Deanery Synod meetings (3 per year) so that we, as a parish have a voice in what happens in our deanery.

So far we have received 0 Deanery Synod nominations

The nomination forms for churchwardens, PCC members and Deanery Synod representatives are on the welcome desks at both churches. The deadline for the nominations is 20th April. Once the forms have been completed, please give them to Nikki or Jeremy. You must be on the Church Electoral Roll to be nominated.

Church Electoral Roll

The Church Electoral Roll (our official ‘membership list’) is also being revised between the 31st March and the 13th April. If you are not on the Electoral Roll but would like to be, please let Nikki know and she will send you the form to be completed. Forms will also be available on the welcome desks. If you want or need your name to be removed, or your details amended (i.e., address updated), then you just need to email me with the info.

The Electoral Roll will then be displayed in both churches from the 14th April until the meetings on 28th  April.

Notices have been posted at both churches on all of the above, and PCC/Churchwarden/Deanery Synod nomination forms are also available on the welcome desks, or can be emailed to you by Nikki (upon request)

Nikki  Hall - Parish Administrator
Email - stjohnsca@gmail.com
Phone - 07720 089260


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