3 Meditations for Good Friday

3 Meditations for Good Friday

Colin has recorded three meditations on people at the crucifixion. In these anxious times he hopes and prays that they will help you to revisit Jesus’ sacrifice and find a fresh perspective. Each meditation is six to six and a half minutes long and includes a bible reading and a reflection on the character.  There is an image with each meditation. You can listen to them one after each other or pause them at anytime.  You might like to use them sometime between 12noon and 3pm on Good Friday when we traditionally meditate on Jesus’ crucifixion in church.

If you can find a quiet space that will probably help but if there is noise and distraction remember that the crucifixion was a noisy and crowded event! If you have the time and opportunity you might like to pause before listening and spend some time in prayerful reflection after each meditation.

To listen to the meditations

Simon of Cyrene (Mark 15:16-24)

Mary the mother of Jesus (John 19:23-27)

The centurion (Mark 15:33-39)

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